The ROI of Digital Transformation

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OrangeScape’s Kissflow partnered with WorkMinus Boardrooms, an event series that brings tech leaders together to talk about digital transformation, share struggles, learn from others, and encourage each other.

We invited 14 CXOs for a round table discussion- some of them had a successful digital transformation strategy in place while others were wondering if it is just a trend they had to wade through until the next big thing comes by.

Towards the end of a very insightful session, we asked all participants to write down their top question about digital transformation, and many of them came back with the same question: How do you measure the ROI of digital transformation?

Having been a part of this discussion, Suresh Sambandam, CEO of Kissflow attempts to answer this question. While priorities change across organizations, and each company will have its own particular way of measuring ROI, he believes following these steps will help align your metrics with your organizational goals and operations.

Here is Suresh’s full article published in Forbes yesterday.

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